When facing retirement, every investor looks for safety and security first.  That’s why so many people invest in precious metals.  Merit Financial, a highly reputable company that’s been in business for over 26 years, understands this reality better than anyone.  Their seasoned account executives guide their clients through the investment process with so much care and knowledge that buying gold is a pleasure.  It doesn’t matter how much or little a client knows, Merit will work with them to find the absolute best investment strategy and opportunities.

Their highly respected reputation is a great comfort and provides confidence for client’s looking for a safe place to invest their nest egg for the future.  Merit removes the worry from the investment experience that has unfortunately become quite commonplace.

The high degree of responsibility and care at Merit Financial is unmatched in the precious metals industry today.  Due to the recent economic downturn and global financial uncertainty, many unscrupulous companies have sprung up to take advantage of novice investors.  That’s why choosing a company that has a solid reputation is more important than ever.  Indeed, when one’s entire life’s savings is at stake, you can’t be too careful.

The high degree of sophistication and responsibility at Merit Financial starts at the top with the company’s legendary founder. To ensure the financial solvency and success of his customer’s assets, he has provided the company a staff that is the best in the business.

Many companies have a staff that is knowledgeable at the top; but at Merit, even the shipping clerks are seasoned veterans.  This makes certain that your assets receive the utmost care and are always safe.  For instance, a shipment can not be received by anyone other than the owner.

The company not only treats its clients well, it’s also a good steward locally, for the community at large – and on the national level.  As a supporter of the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and other charitable or volunteer organizations, it is a role model for companies looking to establish a strong reputation as a caring, ethical institution.  Recently, Merit demonstrated its dedication to supporting those who have served their country with the Wounded Warrior Project which has raised over $100,000 for injured troops.
My father was an accountant, that resulted in me knowing that retirement my fiduciary responsibility. So, thanks to his sage advice I spend my time saving my change, buying gold and silver as an diversification strategy and trying to build my wealth. Recently I learned about something called a gold IRA and wanted to share my limited knowledge on the subject. If the son of a CPA did not know the difference between a gold IRA and buying gold I reckoned there were others out there in need of help.

My pops taught me that buying gold, buying silver and investing in precious metals is a way to hedge one’s bets against inflation. Since that lesson learned the buying gold has boomed and there are dozens of options that allow investors to join the precious metal party. Now, there is a new American gold rush going in regards to consumers purchasing physical form silver coins, gold bullion and the like. As the precious metal buying market is booming, so have investment strategies linked to gold market updates.

Everyone is invited to buy gold and own some of the glistening metal, however buying gold does not an IRA make. Instead, those guidelines are delivered by the nation’s taxation  authority, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A gold IRA is a unique entity upon itself, the device allows consumers to buy gold for retirement and add metal to their assortment of wealth. The consumer must pay cash for the gold purchase (via a custodian) and then the account manager acts as the financial gatekeeper. Those industry insiders will buy gold based on the clients’ specification and store the metal in accordance with the law; that will allow investors to add gold into their portfolios as long as they adhere to the tax laws of the land.

My dad also told me never to ever mess with the IRS or I may end up in the big house, and not a luxury mansion. The rules the government agency has regarding gold IRAs are very strict, but I know better than to get creative. Although my father died way before gold IRAs became a reality, his advice still resonates with me. I have learned that a legal gold retirement account can contain a variety of U.S. gold coins or 1 oz silver minted by the U.S Mint. It can also be filled with a variety of platinum options, gold bullion,and silver bullion.

If my father was alive, he would tell everyone “Investors looking to diversify into a gold IRA are advised to proceed with caution to ensure that the precious metals investment won’t piss off the IRS.” Since he is not, I am holding the proverbial torch and suggest that if you are interested in following this retirement strategy,  working with a portfolio manager who is intimately familiar with the process is advised.


    Thomas is a fan of Jeopardy. He grew up watching the show with his family, and never misses an episode of the famed game show.  Connect with @thomasamartine on Twitter.


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